AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced the availability of comprehensive monitoring for Docker containers and the applications running in them. “Dockerized” applications now can benefit from the deep visibility, rapid issue resolution, and analytics capabilities of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, which is able to visualize complex, distributed applications and follow transactional data across software application environments and IT infrastructure. With application architectures increasingly incorporating microservices and Docker containerization, the deep visibility that the AppDynamics platform provides across application environments is increasingly critical, enabling quick issue resolution both in the application and the container itself.

Docker is an open platform for developers and operations teams to build, ship, and run distributed applications. A “Dockerized” application is portable and can be run anywhere, locally or in the cloud. It addresses the complications of large, distributed applications running across complex environments. Docker is finding favor as a solution for supporting and incorporating microservices into application architectures.

The AppDynamics Docker monitoring solution provides an “application-centric” view inside and across Docker containers, so performance of business transactions can be tagged, traced and monitored even as they transverse multiple containers, while also providing data and insights into the performance of the Docker container itself. The monitoring solution automatically generates a customizable dashboard that displays key metrics such as total containers versus running containers, CPU and memory utilization, and network activity. All of the functionality of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform — including automatic dynamic baselining, alerting, analytics, and more — is available for Docker containers and applications.

“AppDynamics delivers advanced topology visualization to manage these new and increasingly complex architectures,” said Jonah Kowall, AppDynamics’ vice president of market development and insights. “It’s imperative to be able to trace interactions from the user through all the various application service calls and infrastructure, including processes that happen inside Docker containers. Our platform delivers visibility into Docker containers just as it does into any other application or infrastructure component. If you’re going to manage effectively, ‘end-to-end’ visibility really has to mean ‘end-to-end.’”

Bhaskar Sunkara, AppDynamics’ CTO and senior vice president of product management, said, “Docker and AppDynamics are a nearly perfect match for optimizing continuous application delivery. Docker containers bring new levels of flexibility, agility and portability to the integration process, and the AppDynamics platform enables teams to accelerate their troubleshooting and maintain the highest levels of application performance at every step, from daily integrations through delivery and deployment.”

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive solution enabling companies to maximize business performance. The platform is designed and architected to give business users the confidence that their business is running at its best, to give IT the operational visibility and control they need, and to give end users the great experiences they’ve come to expect and demand.