AppGyver and DreamFactory unveiled a partnership that enables enterprises to rapidly and securely mobilize data from existing systems into modern mobile and web apps. This technical collaboration integrates DreamFactory’s open source REST API backend with AppGyver’s newest drag-and-drop app builder, Composer 2, providing a visual development tool that empowers businesses to build apps with an instant, secure connection to existing backend data sources — in just minutes.

Combination of Composer 2 and DreamFactory addresses burgeoning need for RMAD tools
In a recent report, Gartner Inc. noted that demand for mobile apps is outstripping available development capacity, underscoring the need for quicker app creation process. The research firm encouraged enterprises to adopt rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools across the organization to increase the number of apps delivered, and select a small subset that corresponds to organizational needs. (1)

Composer 2, AppGyver’s most recent product, is the market’s first fully visual and extendable platform for building enterprise apps. Using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, businesses can quickly build and distribute smart apps around business data for both web and mobile. DreamFactory provides a versatile middle application layer that makes it easy for IT to connect front-end apps developed with Composer 2 with existing enterprise databases, as well as with data feeds from an expanding universe of web services.

“AppGyver’s mission is to make high-quality app development easy, fast and possible for all audiences. Composer 2 was created to empower businesses to build apps that streamline data-driven processes. However, based on client feedback, we knew that data in legacy systems can be difficult to access — slowing app delivery. By partnering with DreamFactory, we can now provide fast and secure RESTful access to virtually any data source, ensuring this common problem doesn’t stop enterprises from creating the smart apps they need with Composer 2,” said Marko Lehtimaki, CEO of AppGyver.

“Enterprises can be discouraged by the difficulty of integrating data from legacy systems with modern mobile and web applications. By integrating the DreamFactory REST API backend with one of the market’s most powerful app development platforms, we help companies of all sizes accelerate the development of rich mobile apps and reduce their development backlog,” said Bill Appleton, CEO of DreamFactory.

Developers: head over to the AppGyver + DreamFactory partner page and turn your database into an app within minutes. No coding or sign-ups required.