#1: Readings in Databases
Curated and maintained by Reynold Xin, Readings in Databases is “a list of papers dedicated to understanding databases and building new data systems.” The collections span basics and algorithms, system design, computation, various types of databases, and trends such as cloud computing.

#2: Chartist.js
This “simple responsive charting library” provides a lightweight library to responsive charts for websites. Created by Gion Kunz, the library was built with SVG and does not provide its own event handling or labels, working inline in the DOM with CSS for styling, and a JavaScript API to configure charts.

#3: Kitematic
Docker has found its way to the Mac. Kitematic provides Docker App management for OS X, installed with Node.js. Kitematic is currently in beta and still working out its early bugs.

#4: jQuery FocusPoint
A jQuery plug-in for responsive cropping. Developed by Jonom, jQuery FocusPoint dynamically crops images to fill available space without cutting out the image’s subject, identifying an image’s focal point to ensure its quality in any container.


#5: iBrute
Here it is: the infamous brute-force tool implicated in The Fappening. iBrute is a HackApp creation allegedly behind the mass celebrity iCloud and AppleID hacking scandal that rocked the Internet this past weekend. The hacking tool’s GitHub repository is only POC (proof-of-concept), though, so the tool’s multi-threading and save-state-on-exception features are nowhere to be found. Use at your own risk.