Microsoft has announced a new Application Insights SDK for Java in advance of EclipseCon this week.

The new SDK extends the company’s existing Application Insights service for Visual Studio Online to Java, joining plans to introduce additional Application Insights SDKs for Android and iOS integrating crash-lytics features from its recent HockeyApp acquisition. The SDK is integrated into Visual Studio Online, allowing developers to code, test and deploy Java applications from within Microsoft’s IDE.

In a Microsoft Azure blog post, the company’s senior Cloud + Enterprise program manager Harel Broitman detailed the features and insights developers can expect for their Java applications:


The Application Insights SDK for Java monitors app performance, automatically receiving failure data from Web projects while analyzing usage patterns for adoption, interaction and engagement via JavaScript snippets added to the Web pages. Using a Telemetry API, the SDK can also track custom events, metrics and exception telemetry within an application.

Along with the SDK, developers can gain access to the Application Insight Portal, featuring a dashboard to monitor the Java application, parse trace logs, and set up Web tests to monitor an application’s availability and responsiveness.

Java developers can integrate the SDK into their applications using the latest version of the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse.