#1: Material Design Icons

Developers and app designers have gone so crazy over Material Design, Google decided to open-source the icons itself. These official open-source icons featured in Google’s Material Design specification include SVG versions of all icons in both 24px and 48px flavors, SVG and CSS sprites of all icons, and separate versions of the icons targeted at the Web and iOS. You can check out a live preview of the icon set here.

#2: You Don’t Know JS

Author Kyle Simpson open-sourced his entire You Don’t Know JS book series, or at least the volumes he’s finished so far, to the masses. Diving deep into the core mechanisms of JavaScript, a volume on the programming language’s “Scopes and Closures” and one on “this & Object Prototypes are published, while volumes on “Types & Grammar,” “Async & Performance and “ES6 & Beyond” are in various stages of drafts and planning.

#3: lazysizes

Lazysizes is a fast lazyloader for standard and responsive images, iframes, scripts and widgets with no dependencies. Developed by Alexander Farkas, lazysizes automatically calculates the sizes attribute for responsive images, separating CSS from HTML to simplify integration of responsive images into any environment.


#4: ProgressBar.js

ProgressBar is a JavaScript tool for creating “beautiful and responsive progress bars with animated SVG paths,” according to creator Kimmo Brunfeldt. ProgressBar features a library of built-in shapes, or developers can create customized paths and animations.

#5: Facebook’s AsyncDisplayKit was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.