Analyst View: Politics and change: Reflections of an American immigrant tech worker

The 2016 election took place while I was attending a tech conference in Seattle. Looking around and watching my messages and social media, it was clear that many in the tech community were deeply disturbed by the result. It was reported that Canada’s immigration website crashed on the evening of the election. And while Canada … continue reading

Analyst View: The rise of low code and the elusive citizen developer

The pressing need to engage in digital transformation and build new processes and systems, coupled with severe developer shortages, has created an opportunity to promote model-driven platforms, often offered in public cloud form (PaaS) to bring the value of high-abstraction to a broader audience that is not trained in software development. Driven by shifting IT … continue reading

Analyst View: Microsoft and the new market realities

Microsoft releases SQL Server for Linux. Microsoft joins the Eclipse Foundation. Microsoft strikes a deep partnership with Red Hat. Microsoft open-sources .NET and C#. Microsoft releases Office for iOS. At this point we should collectively let our jaws rise to their natural closed position and understand that the game has changed. The reality is that … continue reading

Analyst View: A microservices checklist

In a previous column, I discussed the important shift taking place toward microservices and provided a characterization of the key aspects of this new architectural approach. Here I discuss the factors that will help enterprises transition to a microservices approach to software development. Culture and skill: Evaluate your organization’s culture and skill and make any … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Macro confusion about microservices

Bolstered by the near-meteoric rise of container technology, especially Docker, the term “microservices” is now being used to describe the type of software architecture anointed as the shiny new technology that will deliver software engineering to the Promised Land. The reality is that the principles of microservices go back to the ancient history of software … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Ten reasons why open-source software will eat the world

I recently attended Facebook’s F8 developer conference in San Francisco, where I had a revelation on why it is going to be impossible to succeed as a technology vendor in the long run without deeply embracing open source. Of the many great presentations I listened to, I was most captivated by the ones that explained … continue reading

Analyst Watch: 2015 will be a pivotal year for HTML5

In October 2014, some 25 years after Tim Berners-Lee first sketched the outline of what would become the World Wide Web in 1989, the W3C HTML Working Group voted to pass the final “Recommendation” of the Open Web Platform standard known as HTML5. Five releases in 25 years is not a fast pace of evolution … continue reading

Analyst Watch: The 12 characteristics of modern application development

We are witnessing a transformation in application development tools and techniques that is changing how enterprise software is being constructed and deployed. This transformation is the broadening of mobile application development approaches initially instigated by the mobile revolution (yes, the iPhone changed everything) to embrace initiatives for back-end Internet of Things architectures and even employee … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Is Microsoft starting to get it?

Recent changes from Satya Nadella in cloud, open source and the desktop indicate Microsoft is correcting its course … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Native vs. Web: The debate continues

What HTML5 is doing right, and what it needs to improve to compete with native development … continue reading

Analyst Watch: The evolving state of PaaS

The future will see two ways of using PaaSes. Here’s how to keep track of them … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Windows Phone and the app economy

In order to catch up with the competition, Microsoft has to provide a clear road map for its mobile platform … continue reading

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