What developers see out of Windows 10

Microsoft’s BUILD conference has come and gone this year, and in its wake there is a great deal for developers to consider. For most there are new capabilities and goodies to leverage, but as we will see there are some who are not entirely happy about where things are heading on some fronts. As expected, … continue reading

Visual Studio Online takes flight

Visual Studio Online continues to undergo changes as Microsoft moves to a quicker cloud release cycle. This article examines these changes and looks at the improvements that are helping to move organizations from on-premises Team Foundation Server implementations to using Visual Studio Online exclusively. In order to widen our perspective on Visual Studio Online, we … continue reading

What’s in Visual Studio Code

During the first keynote at the BUILD conference in San Francisco, Microsoft crossed a line that many believed would never be crossed with the unveiling of Visual Studio Code (VSC). For the first time, Microsoft is providing a developer productivity tool to users whether or not they are running Windows as their client OS, which … continue reading

The ongoing evolution of Azure

A number of factors have come together to form a guide for Microsoft to the path that has made Azure the key to the company’s future success. That road has been bumpy, but almost always on a good trajectory. Now, as the offerings gel and mature, Microsoft has to maintain its commitments and satisfy those … continue reading

Microsoft developers are no longer isolated

Normally an article about a programming language and framework that both have been with us for more than a decade would be anything but a page-turner. When it comes to C# and .NET, it turns out there’s a big story to tell, including things that could spell another decade of that language (and maybe even … continue reading

Developing FROM the Cloud

Microsoft describes its Visual Studio Online offering as being “based on the capabilities of Team Foundation Server with additional cloud services.” Productivity across teams is a competitive advantage that is not just nice to have anymore, and a big key to productivity is providing the tools needed for Agile development. The drive to do more, … continue reading

Leading developers up the Azure road

For the last decade people close to Microsoft have watched, often with consternation, as the software giant sat out the first phase of several major sea changes in the technology world and then played a sometimes unconvincing and at times underwhelming game of catch-up. Even with the cloud, Microsoft was not the first out of … continue reading

Microsoft lines up for agile

Between Visual Studio and TFS, the methodology has both the tools and the best practice support from the company … continue reading

What kind of quality are you looking for?

Developers have to know the signs of defects in their code, but first they must know how their code will be judged … continue reading

Can Microsoft rescue Windows?

How will Microsoft fix the current incarnation, and will it learn its lessons as it creates the next one? … continue reading

The Visual Studio 2013 experience

A breakdown of the new features and major changes that differentiate 2013 from 2012 … continue reading

Visual Studio 2012 leaves room for third parties

Other companies can fill in the spaces provided by Microsoft … continue reading

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