Automation Anywhere, a provider of automation and testing software, launched its newest version of Testing Anywhere 2.0 in late May. This version includes a new object-based testing tool called Object Avatar.

The tool automatically identifies new screens and objects (or only picks up objects specified by the user) from a live application, which are then captured in a test case and placed into Testing Anywhere’s repository. The live application is essentially virtualized, forming the “Avatar” for the identification and modification of objects.
“This is especially useful for testing and modifying changes in app updates,” said Mihir Shukla, cofounder and CEO of Automation Anywhere.

Because more-complex apps with a lot of components require more test time, “This tool lets you know where to go ahead of time instead of going through page after page of an application,” he said, “ultimately reducing the time and money spent developing and modifying the live application itself.”

Testing Anywhere also offers ways to automate tests for controls, languages and websites, and includes a tool, called Test to Exe, for remote testing on any machine. The testing software is available as a desktop version for US$2,500 per individual license, or as a team edition that includes its collaboration server and one user license for $7,000. All user licenses thereafter are $2,500.