Parasoft has announced the latest release of Parasoft SOAtest and Virtualize, which has extended support for continuous integration platforms. New plug-ins allow users to parse test results back into common CI platforms, including Bamboo, Jenkins, Microsoft VSTS, and Team City.

The new release extends support for organizations that leverage Behavior Driven Development, which will pave the way for human-language test creation. Its integration with Cucumber allows customers to associate Gherkin plain text feature specifications with SOAtest test cases. The new release also includes enhancements to workflows in the web portal.

“Software engineering teams attempting to implement Continuous Testing into a Continuous Integration process flow face the typical conflict of time-to-market vs. taking the time necessary to build a solid foundation of API tests,” stated Theresa Lanowitz, founder of research firm voke. “Time constraints force software engineering teams to accept a good enough approach and continue with the same ineffective, high level, and brittle web tests. It is critical that software engineering teams adopt solutions to enable easy creation and maintenance of API tests that can truly enable testers to help protect the brand and the business.”