SautinSoft’s upcoming HTML Artist .NET library is a definitive step towards a new standard in web application development. With the release of this library, traditional software developers have more opportunities than ever to build and edit dynamic web content with a scalable infrastructure that delivers superior performance to traditional web languages. Unlike native web content, applications written with .NET and the HTML Artist library are built from the ground up with the stability and resilience of the .NET platform.

This new library offers more than just performance benefits. The familiar C# syntax of HTML Artist .NET is comfortable for programmers versed in this popular language, greatly speeding their development process and enabling them to be more productive on the web. With the ability to dynamically change tags, attributes, and values, HTML Artist .NET has all the power of a native web language with none of the additional costs in learning. All markup generated by the library is designed to be fully compliant with HTML and XML standards from HTML 1.0 through HTML5, ensuring that it will be rendered consistently across browsers.

HTML Artist .NET is in the final stages of development, but SautinSoft has granted developers the opportunity to become early adopters of this new technology. By signing up now, these individuals receive the latest builds of HTML Artist .NET so that they may begin working with this new technology immediately. The members of this group also provide valuable input into the development cycle, making decisions that will shape the final functionality of this tool in ways that maximize its utility for developers with their specific needs. To join this exclusive group, interested parties can contact SautinSoft at and request a beta release today.