Over half of all developers (55.4%) active in development for Cloud platforms say that the need to manage large data sets that cannot be handled on traditional database systems (Big Data) is a major driver in getting their organizations to use Cloud services, according to Evans Data’s recently released survey of over 400 developers developing for or in the Cloud.  Big Data, or large, unstructured data sets that may measure in petabytes, exabytes, or beyond, promises to provide new insights to businesses and is an ideal candidate for the Cloud where scalability and infrastructure are featured.

In addition, the most important components for implementing services that allow for management of Big Data are integration tools, cited by over sixty percent of developers working with Big Data in the Cloud.  Security tools, were the next most commonly cited components for Big Data in the Cloud.

“Cloud service providers have to realize the need to provide specific tools to developers in their Cloud environments,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, “and those tools should include ones designed to handle Big Data, as the scalability and cost effectiveness of the Cloud paradigm are particularly cogent when related to Big Data.”

The Cloud Development Survey is a worldwide survey conducted twice a year amongst developers actively developing for the Cloud, in the Cloud, or both.  It includes topics such as:  Cloud adoption and targeting, Development tools in the Cloud, Big Data and Database Technology, Cloud Security and Governance, Cloud Clients, Private Cloud, Public Cloud and more.

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