Announcing the launch of Ananto, a Big Data Analytics Solutions and Services Company, supporting firms with Data Insight, Predictive Intelligence, Technology Integration, and Advisory and Professional Services. The word ‘Ananto’ means Infinite, depicting endless possibilities of business solutions delivered through effective analytics.

To steer the growing need for big data analytics, industry veterans Aparup Sengupta and Anil Modi came together to shape Ananto, a promise to convert data to dollars for enterprises.

“Big Data explosion is undoubtedly a game changer today. With diminishing product and service differentiation, coupled with exponential growth in speed and amount of data generated, there’s a roaring need for serious and effective analytic techniques,” says Aparup Sengupta, Founder and Executive Chairman, Ananto. “We believe that our holistic approach towards data with a Value Enhancement Solution through Analytics will lead our clients to earn dollars, and this will set us apart in the analytics based business solution space.”

Anil Modi, Founder and CEO, Ananto says, “Current competitive landscape is forcing organizations to look much deeper into consumer behavior, internal process efficiencies and key business drivers. With a team of data scientists, modelers, analysts and technology experts, Ananto delivers business outcomes without the firms having to worry about technology or skilled manpower.”

Ananto’s services cover 5C’s in the data ecosystem:
1. Curiosity Definition: Critical first step clearly defining the business issues and objectives
2. Capture Data: Designing and implementing the most efficient mechanism to capture data, including external sources like social media
3. Curate Data: Cleaning, curating and aligning data from various sources, by our expert data engineers, to present a single view as defined by the business
4. Crunch Data: Identifying patterns, correlations, dependencies and variables in the data to extract insights and create predictive models through advanced analytics
5. Create Visualization: Presenting the output in rich visual graphics across web browsers, tablets and mobile devices, to help executives get the right information, at a right place and at the right time.

Ananto solutions and services are relevant to many industry verticals like telecom, retail, insurance, banks, airlines, and technology firms. They also cut across horizontally to address marketing, sales, customer service, operations, supply chain, finance, and human resource functions.