CrowdFlower, the leader in crowd microtasking, today announced its next generation crowdsourcing platform for large-scale data projects. To date, its platform has allowed users to parse large data projects into microtasks, which classify content, analyze sentiment, improve search performance, moderate text and photo content, and perform many other data-intensive processes ranging in skill, geography or demographic.
“This new version of the CrowdFlower Platform allows anyone to design and run his or her own microtasking projects,” said Lukas Biewald, CEO of CrowdFlower. “Customers want to see accuracy of data and getting faster results in a solution, something we maximize with our platform whether you’re a CMO, data scientist or in sales operations.”
Thousands of users are leveraging the CrowdFlower Platform, which has created more than 200,000 jobs and successfully executed more than 1 billion judgments. The CrowdFlower Platform reaches a network of 5 million contributors worldwide and offers streamlined job creation that delivers fast and accurate results for business data needs.
Key enhancements in this next generation CrowdFlower Platform include:
· Intuitive Design and Navigation:  A new interface allows for streamlined job design by walking the user step-by-step through the design process;
· Expert Job Templates:  A library of best-in-class microtasking templates, including proven interface designs, business rules and quality controls, makes creating new jobs simpler and improves results;
· Team Review:  The platform enables more collaboration among teams in the review of quality control test questions;
· Continuous Job Optimization: Satisfaction scores from contributors who complete microtasks improve job designs and usability for customers;
· Improved Crowd Management:  Microtasking jobs can also stay within organizations for internal collaboration in their own “private crowd” or use a hybrid crowd of private and public crowds;
· Advanced Monitoring:  Proactive job health alerts are sent automatically for microtasks and a new algorithmic quality control tool has been implemented to ensure high-quality work.
Availability and Pricing
The CrowdFlower Platform is available now in three editions: Basic, Pro and Enterprise. With these editions, CrowdFlower has a solution that addresses the needs of all types of users ranging from a single data scientist or developer with a small project to the enterprise that depends on crowdsourcing for critical business processes. For more information on pricing, please email