An Atlanta-based software company that helps businesses improve customer experience has raised about $10 million, according to a Securities & Exchange Commission filing.

ClickFox Inc. helps Fortune 2000 firms analyze customer interactions — whether they occurred at a store, online or over the telephone.

Using that data, corporations can improve the customer experience, helping boost satisfaction, reduce churn, lower costs and boost revenues.

In November 2010, ClickFox raised $18 million from Morgan Stanley and other investors.
Through a software subscription service, ClickFox collects and analyzes data on customer interactions from multiple departments in a company.

For instance, ClickFox analyzes the experience a bank customer has in a retail branch, when he makes a follow-up call to the bank’s help line, or initiates a Web chat with an agent. The data is analyzed for patterns and potential customer service problems that the bank can improve upon.

ClickFox technology also uses behavioral analysis to predicts future customer experience.

ClickFox executives listed in the SEC filing were CEO Marco Pacelli and Sharon Lynch. Directors listed were Amnon Shoham, David Johnson, Laurence Olivier, Geoffrey Oblak, Ofer Timor and Stephen Waldis.