Teradata, the leading analytic data solutions company, today introduced the Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop that provides the most open, flexible, and comprehensive options to deploy and manage Apache Hadoop. The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop offers customers new flexible Hadoop-based product platforms, software, consulting services, training, and customer support. Teradata’s innovations have made Hadoop easier to integrate into modern enterprise data architectures and enable more users to know more, and do more with data in Hadoop.

“Teradata is now off and running as a trusted single source for all things Hadoop with many leading customers such as Dell, Inc., Otto Group, PT XL Axiata Tbk mobile telecommunications, Swisscom Schweiz AG, and Wells Fargo Bank,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “We built The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop to support organizations struggling with Hadoop implementations by taking the complexity and cost out of deploying and managing the solutions.”

Increasing data volumes, complexity, and velocity have created many challenges for organizations. They must evolve their enterprise data architecture to develop an ever-faster ability to capture, store, and refine the data. This requires that organizations be able to process social media, documents, text, images, audio, and other forms of multi-structured data. Hadoop has gained in popularity as a key enabler of the next-generation data architecture, but organizations are struggling with deployment of its uniquely engineered features. A part of the challenge is the cost of hiring several Hadoop specialists or data scientists, which is too high for many “main street” organizations to pay.

“Teradata and Hortonworks have extended their strategic partnership to allow Teradata to resell and offer support for Hortonworks Data Platform. Working together, we are simplifying the deployment of Apache Hadoop and enabling customers to leverage all their data to create substantial business value,” said Rob Bearden, chief executive officer, Hortonworks. “Now Teradata can offer the proven 100 percent open-source Hortonworks Data Platform, customer support, and direct access to the latest technologies coming from the Apache Hadoop community.”

To respond to the customers’ challenges and help them extend their data architectures, the Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop offers organizations flexible choices for Hadoop implementation. For IT departments who want turnkey, ready-to-run solutions, Teradata offers two premium platforms: Teradata Appliance for Hadoop and Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance. For engineering-led IT departments who prefer to build their own systems, but want the support of Teradata, two commodity platforms for Hadoop are available: Teradata Commodity Offering for Hadoop and Teradata Software Only for Hadoop.

The variety of Hadoop implementations provides organizations real choices depending on the level of enterprise expertise and budgetary constraints. Teradata offers the flexibility to seamlessly move Hadoop projects from development to production, because of the common Hortonworks Data Platform throughout the portfolio. In addition, Teradata assists organizations with software, robust consulting services, and customer support to further make Hadoop a valuable part of the next-generation Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

“Teradata is one of the leading analytics solutions focusing on [data warehousing] and big data analytics,” writes Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. in a recent report, The Steadily Growing Database Market Is Increasing Enterprises’ Choices, Forrester Research, Inc., June 7, 2013. “Teradata Unified Data Architecture integrates the Teradata [integrated data warehouse] platform, Teradata Aster discovery platform, and Hadoop technology to offer enterprises an end-to-end analytical solution that supports any type of data.”

Teradata Premium Platforms for Hadoop
The premium-level platforms benefit from unique software features not available from other vendors that enhance Hadoop’s reliability, manageability, connectivity, and improve the ease of use. The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop has enhanced reliability with Teradata Customer Service and Teradata Vital Infrastructure, which proactively detects and addresses 70 percent of any system failures to keep customers productive. In addition, Teradata provides out-of-the-box NameNode high availability capability for seamless failover to maintain uninterrupted access for users and applications.

To boost manageability, Teradata Viewpoint, a web-based system management portal has added new Hadoop portlets to provide a consistent interface across the entire Teradata Unified Data Architecture. Hadoop is now easier for analysts to use with Teradata SQL-H and Teradata Aster SQL-H that offer a seamless bridge between standard business intelligence applications and data in Hadoop. Teradata SQL-H and Teradata Aster SQL-H also offer rich data connectivity via Teradata Studio with smart loader for Hadoop and bi-directional bulk data connectors.
• Teradata Appliance for Hadoop – The new Teradata Appliance for Hadoop provides a tightly integrated hardware and software appliance optimized for enterprise-class data storage and management. The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop—with Hortonworks Data Platform software—offers fast performance with the latest generation of Intel technology, and the combination of Mellanox InfiniBand fabric-based hardware and Teradata BYNETV5 software with new scaling capability.
• Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance – Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance is the industry’s first big analytics and discovery appliance that brings Teradata Aster Database, SQL-MapReduce, and Apache Hadoop together. Optimized for data discovery with more than 70 pre-packaged analytic functions and optional nodes of Hadoop, it offers the right mix of data staging and analytic processing to unlock hidden insights in multi-structured data. It has been enhanced to make it easier to expand the number of processing nodes within the cabinet as data volumes grow. The combination of Mellanox InfiniBand fabric-based hardware with new scaling capability and Teradata BYNETV5 software enable the processing of large amounts of data to deliver results in record time.

Teradata Commodity Platforms for Hadoop
• Teradata Commodity Offering for Hadoop – For customers wanting commodity servers to deploy Hadoop, Teradata has partnered with Dell and Hortonworks to offer the Teradata Commodity Offering for Hadoop. This option offers a lower cost, standard hardware configuration optimized for the Hortonworks Data Platform. Customers work directly with Dell on purchase and installation. Teradata will support the Hortonworks Data Platform software and configure the system to integrate with Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

“Dell and Teradata have worked closely to develop the Teradata Commodity Offering for Hadoop, a Teradata solution utilizing Dell’s end-to-end scalable hardware for Teradata customers,” said Ron Pugh, executive director and general manager, Dell OEM Solutions. “The combination of Teradata software and customer support services with Dell engineering expertise and innovative hardware solutions, delivers Hadoop appliance customers an affordable, low-risk data management solution that quickly reaches full productivity in a reliable, globally-consistent manner.”

• Teradata Software Only for Hadoop – For customers that wish to source, configure, and optimize their own hardware, Teradata offers the Teradata Software Only for Hadoop option – with Hortonworks Data Platform. The software is fully supported by Teradata customer service.

Best-of-Breed Hadoop Software Integration
In addition to unique Teradata software within the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop, Teradata has partnered with several innovative software vendors to provide even more security and enterprise integration for Hadoop as part of the enterprise data architecture.

Hortonworks Data Platform
Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is the only 100 percent open source complete data management platform for Apache Hadoop. HDP allows organizations to capture, process and share data in any format and at scale. Built and packaged by the core architects, builders and operators of Hadoop, HDP includes all of the necessary components to manage a cluster at scale and unlock value from new data sources. Additionally, it includes the interfaces needed for deep integration with the essential components of the modern data architecture like Teradata.

Informatica – The Informatica Platform is part of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture and it delivers data integration optimization and increased developer productivity for the data warehouse, discovery platform, and Hadoop. Informatica developers around the globe, who have deep data integration skills, can already leverage their expertise seamlessly in Hadoop environments, without additional training.

“Informatica customers can design data integration processes for Hadoop with no coding required and without hiring expensive and hard to find individuals with specialized skill sets,” said Todd Goldman, vice president and general manager, Data Integration, Informatica. “With Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition within the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop, customers can more quickly and easily gain insights from big data to make critical decisions and achieve a competitive advantage.”

Protegrity – The Protegrity Big Data Protector is bundled with the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop, allowing users to have file and field-level data security for sensitive data ranging from privacy to PCI. Going well beyond access controls, Protegrity provides a comprehensive data protection path even against privileged user threats. The Protegrity Big Data Protector utilizes an enterprise security policy management architecture, coupled with the industry’s most advanced Vaultless Tokenization, strong encryption, and masking technologies, to protect data end-to-end in big data environments.

“As a premier security partner for over nine years, we are very excited to team up and provide the best data security available for the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop,” said Suni Munshani, chief executive officer, Protegrity. “As the use of Big Data technology continues to increase, Teradata and Protegrity are providing customers with state-of-the-art data technology with unmatched security to meet the strategic challenges of today and those in the future.”

Revelytix – Revelytix Loom provides a smarter Hadoop for the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop, including dynamic dataset management, automatically calculated data lineage for all transformations, and Activescan entity resolution, which automatically detects, parses, and profiles any new HDFS files. This allows better data governance and faster time to value from new incoming big data sets. “Revelytix is happy to support the fully-featured Teradata Appliance for Hadoop with Revelytix Loom, a Hadoop information management software product that offers enterprise data processing capabilities,” said Michael Lang, chief executive officer, Revelytix.

Expanded, Comprehensive Support and Consulting Services
In addition to flexible Hadoop Platform choices, Teradata is offering expanded Customer Services and Teradata Big Data Consulting Services.

Teradata Customer Services – Teradata Customer Services provide world-class services in support of the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop, Teradata Commodity Offer for Hadoop, and software-only implementations of Hortonworks Data Platform. Teradata Customer Services supports these environments using its Premier Support and Critical System Management models. Teradata is a global leader in developing and supporting large-scale production deployments and will provide a single point of contact for customers for all hardware and software with the backing of Hortonworks. Unique in the industry, the Hortonworks technical support team works hand-in-hand with its engineering team to ensure that customer issues are resolved quickly, and software enhancements make it back into the Apache Hadoop community.

Teradata Consulting Services – Teradata Consulting Services combine and integrate consulting capabilities across the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse, Teradata Aster Database, and Apache Hadoop environments. Consultants support companies of all sizes to:
• Identify and Advise – identify business-driven data opportunities to improve results and provide best practice recommendations. Industry experts help set the vision for the business, prioritize the opportunities, and leverage Teradata best practices derived from hundreds of global implementations in all major industries.
• Architect and Implement – implement any analytic, data warehouse, business intelligence, Hadoop, or data exploration environment using Teradata’s Analytic Architecture approach. Teradata Big Data Consulting Services help design the best analytic environment, integrate, and exploit data from all sources, stage data in ways that facilitate business-user access, and enhance the entire environment.
• Optimize and Manage – improve the overall performance, quality, and yield of the data and analytic ecosystem. Consultants help organizations manage, tune, enhance, and maintain their analytic environment whether it is on-site, hosted in the cloud by Teradata, or out-sourced to Teradata.

In addition to these services, Teradata Consulting offers unique services for Hadoop including Training, Managed Services for Hadoop, Platform for Hadoop, Data Staging for Hadoop, Workshop for Hadoop and Data Integration Optimization Services.