WANdisco, a leading provider of continuous-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data, today announced that it has accepted the invitation to join the Open Data Platform (ODP) Initiative – a shared industry effort to promote and advance the state of Apache Hadoop and Big Data technologies for the enterprise. Members of the ODP Initiative include industry-leading firms such as IBM, EMC, Hortonworks, VMware, Verizon, Splunk, General Electric, Pivotal, Cap Gemini, CenturyLink, Teradata, SAS, and Infosys.

ODP’s mission is to accelerate the delivery of Big Data solutions by providing a well-defined core platform (‘ODP Core’) that enables its users to avoid vendor lock-in. The ODP Core is not a Hadoop distribution, it’s the kernel over which the industry can build enterprise-class Apache Hadoop distributions that simplifies the development of interoperable technologies, enabling Big Data solutions to flourish atop a common core platform. Now, WANdisco’s patented replication technology will be available to global enterprises running mission critical big data applications built on the ODP Core.

“The members of ODP are excited to partner with WANdisco as the newest gold member of ODP. We are incredibly impressed with WANdisco’s patented technology, as well as their staff of senior core Apache Hadoop committers, some of whom were among the original architects and developers of Hadoop,” said the members of the ODP. “We believe that enterprise users of the ODP Core will benefit immeasurably from WANdisco’s participation.”

“I am delighted that WANdisco has been invited to participate in the ODP Initiative with some of the largest players in the industry,” said David Richards, WANdisco Co-Founder and CEO. “This is clear recognition of the value our patented technology brings to mission critical Hadoop big data deployments, as well as our commitment to software based on open standards that give customers a choice, instead of locking them in to a proprietary platform.”

“By joining the Open Data Platform, WANdisco is affirming its commitment to providing enterprise Hadoop practitioners maximum choice and compatibility when it comes to the technologies and vendor solutions that make up the emerging Big Data stack,” said Jeff Kelly, Principal Analyst at Wikibon. “The company’s Hadoop offerings, focused on continuous availability and active-active data replication, are crucial elements to speeding Hadoop enterprise adoption, which is the ODP’s overarching mission.”

WANdisco’s patented technology enables continuous Hadoop availability across data centers any distance apart, while eliminating downtime and data loss. In addition, WANdisco offers the only solution for Hadoop Big Data deployments that delivers:

  • Local network speed read/write access to the same data across all locations, with support for selective replication to enable compliance with data locality regulations faced by global enterprises
  • 100% use of all compute resources to eliminate spending on idle backup hardware
  • The ability to ingest and analyze data immediately and in parallel across all locations
  • Cluster zoning to maintain quality of service for all users at the lowest possible cost by isolating the most resource-intensive applications to zones of high-end servers best suited to support them, without requiring expensive servers throughout the entire deployment
  • Seamless integration between Hadoop clusters running on a mix of storage systems across multiple data centers, enabling support for public- private hybrid cloud deployments.

To learn more about how Hadoop can be deployed for mission critical applications visit www.wandisco.com/hadoop.