Black Duck Software, the leader in open source software knowledge, adoption and governance, today announced significant enhancements to its Code Sight source code search engine that dramatically boosts productivity for individual developers and global enterprise development organizations. Black Duck Code Sight 2.0 is a scalable source code search engine that indexes code across an enterprise and version control systems to provide developers with fast, easy access and visibility into code resources. 

Code Sight 2.0 enhancements include the following:
• Search performance –searches a larger code base faster
• Indexing performance – four to six times faster indexing
• Advanced filtering techniques:
  ◦ Enhanced user interface allows developers to quickly narrow search results based on relevant metadata
  ◦ Aggregate filtering across projects and enterprise-wide, combined with advanced search and segmentation capabilities, provides deep insight for unlocking hidden code resources
• Enhanced administration:
  ◦ Enterprise-ready with LDAP support
  ◦ Ability to assign roles, for example, designating an “indexer” for a group
  ◦ Customizable permission levels by user groups or individuals, including authorization and authentication features
  ◦ Support for both the Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems

“We implemented Black Duck Code Sight to enable project members to become productive users of the Bank’s existing code base,” said Gert Gregers Christiansen, senior system administrator, Saxo Bank. “With real time IDE and browser-based search, our development teams have greatly increased their understanding and reuse of internal code.” 

Ecosystem Support and Scalability 
With industry-leading ecosystem support, Code Sight can be accessed from a web browser, the Eclipse development environment, or Microsoft Visual Studio. It can index code from a dozen version control systems including Git, Mercurial, Subversion, AccuRev, ClearCase (IBM), Perforce, TFS (Microsoft), and others. The Code Sight server runs on the Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Code Sight is designed for the specific needs of individual developers and enterprise organizations, and can scale to meet changing requirements. Three offerings are available: a Free Personal Edition, Free Team Edition and Enterprise Edition. Learn more about Black Duck Code Sight at

“Code Sight 2.0 enables developers to build better code faster by providing new ways to explore and understand internally-developed code,” said Jim Berets, vice president of product management, Black Duck Software. “This encourages code and knowledge sharing. Developers spend a lot of time searching through code, for reasons ranging from bug fixing to finding code to reuse. Code Sight 2.0 gives developers a tool that delivers targeted, relevant results quickly.”