Google launches Polycasts
Google wants to help developers get started with Polymer and Web Components. The company has announced Polycasts, a new video series dedicated to teaching one concept at a time, and highlights best practices for working with Polymer and DevTools.

“Because Polymer and Web Components are such big changes for the platform, there’s a lot to learn, and it can be easy to get lost in the complexity. For that reason, we created Polycasts,” Google developer advocate Rob Dodson wrote on the company’s blog.

Google plans to release new videos in the upcoming weeks, focusing on core elements and layouts first.

DARPA launches SafeWare program to develop unbreakable obfuscation
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency aims to develop advanced algorithmic and cryptographic security techniques with SafeWare, a new project to create widely applicable and close to unbreakable program obfuscation.

DARPA is currently soliciting proposals to evolve obfuscation as part of “a comprehensive research effort” for discovery and development of new mathematical foundations and implementation paths for provably secure program obfuscation. Obfuscation is the act of deliberately obscuring code to make it unintelligible to an attacker.

“The goal of the SafeWare research effort is to drive fundamental advances in the theory of program obfuscation and to develop highly efficient and widely applicable program obfuscation methods with mathematically proven security properties,” DARPA’s SafeWare announcement states.

More information on SafeWare can be found on the DARPA website.

BlazeMeter partners with Sauce Labs
BlazeMeter and Sauce Labs have announced a new multi-phase technology partnership allowing developers to combine both function and performance testing with BlazeMeter and Sauce Lab platforms.