Blueprint, the leading provider of enterprise Requirements Definition and Management (RDM) software, today launched BlueDocs, a patented new technology and industry first that creates an automated way for organizations to establish a central system of record for all requirements information by efficiently converting rich requirements content from Microsoft Word documents directly into Blueprint’s enterprise-class RDM platform. The company also announced the latest release of its requirements software, Blueprint v5.3, which includes more than 20 enhancements and expanded enterprise-class administration features.
BlueDocs: Establish One System of Record for Requirements
Using BlueDocs, enterprises can import, validate and manage information such as requirements for completed projects and for projects “in-flight”; any legacy information for application modernization projects; as well as policies and compliance regulations, all from within a unified, secure, central repository.
“Blueprint has once again removed a substantial barrier to adoption for organizations that want a robust requirements definition and management solution but are limited by antiquated processes and reliance on outdated disparate documents,” says Ray Payette, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Blueprint. “BlueDocs gives enterprises an automated way to finally create one “version of the truth” for all their requirements records, delivering greater efficiency, productivity, continuity and security, not to mention a strategic advantage.”
BlueDocs imports requirements from all Word documents into one central repository with minimal manual intervention. Imported requirements may include: hierarchy; custom properties; custom artifact types; relationships; attachments; images; and even comments embedded in Word documents.
Blueprint v5.3 Features Advanced Enterprise Administration Capabilities
The latest release of Blueprint’s RDM solution, Blueprint v5.3, provides advanced enterprise-class administration capabilities ideally suited to large, global multinational companies that have hundreds of users, including contractors, working on multiple projects at any given time. Blueprint v5.3 allows corporate administrator roles to be defined with very fine-grained privileges for managing different aspects of a Blueprint instance, enabling specific privileges to be granted or denied based on business needs.
“There are countless administrative scenarios needed by large, often distributed, organizations. For example, enterprises often want a role that can administer user access to Blueprint, but do not want that role to have access to any user data. This type of role definition and many more are now easily supported with Blueprint v5.3,” explains Payette.

Other new features of Blueprint v5.3 include:
• Version Compare: Blueprint offers companies additional detailed, visual comparisons of versioned artifacts. When comparing two baselines, Blueprint v5.3 provides a summary of artifacts that have been removed, modified or added as well as details on how these artifacts have changed (e.g., property changes, sub-artifact changes). If even more specific information about changes are required, Blueprint provides this for artifacts and for more detailed sub-artifacts. For graphical artifacts, Blueprint displays a visual side-by-side comparison.
• Administrative Audit Log: Blueprint v5.3 has a more granular audit log that records all administrator actions. This audit log can be output to .csv files for viewing, audit or archival purposes at any time.
• Step-wise Settings: Blueprint v5.3 enables users to define behavioural properties of UI Mockup screen controls for each individual use-case step they are associated with. This allows a single UI Mockup to be leveraged across many steps, with its appearance being adjusted for each.
“Blueprint v5.3 reinforces our commitment to providing enterprises with the industry’s most comprehensive RDM solution that enables business applications to be developed with far less rework,” adds Payette.
BlueDocs and Blueprint v5.3 are immediately available. For additional information please contact Blueprint at 1-866-979-2583 (BLUE) or