Microsoft announced the release of TypeScript 1.0 at the Build developer conference, opening the language for community contributions.

TypeScript program manager Jonathan Turner announced the release in a blog post, explaining that TypeScript is available as part of Visual Studio 2013, the Visual Studio Web Express 2013 Spring Update, and as a Node.js package manager.

“TypeScript is now a first-class citizen of Visual Studio, and we’ll continue to invest in both the language and in making Visual Studio a more productive environment for JavaScript and TypeScript development, with IntelliSense, project support, and powerful code navigation features,” Turner wrote.

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This final release comes little over a month after Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP 2, which brought the TypeScript 1.0 release candidate. TypeScript, Microsoft’s typed superset programming language, is designed to create large-scale JavaScript applications by compiling into cross-platform JavaScript code.

The TypeScript 1.0 source code is available on the language’s website.

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