Developers can now search across all their code with the general availability of Code Search. Code Search is designed to improve cross-team collaboration and code sharing, and help developers locate relevant information. It is available in Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services as well as Team Foundation Server “15.”

“With this release Code Search now understands Java,” wrote Jimson Calissery, program manager for Visual Studio, in a blog post. “Not only can you perform full text matching for C#, C, C++ and Java, it understands the structure of your code and allows you to search for specific context, like class definitions, comments, properties, etc. across all your TFVC and Git Projects.”

Microsoft plans to add additional language support in the future.

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Code Search features semantic ranking to ensure developers find what they are looking for within the top results; the ability to filter results via file path, extension, repo and project as well as code type; code collaboration to share results; annotations to detect who made chances last; and integration with version control.

In addition, developers can download code search as a free extension through the team services marketplace.

“As your codebase expands and is divided across multiple projects and repositories, finding what you need becomes increasingly difficult,” the company wrote on its website. “From discovering examples of an APIs’ implementation, browsing its definition, to searching for error text, Code Search delivers a one-stop solution for all your code exploration and troubleshooting needs.”