Your little ones and delayed little ones are likely on their way to class right now as you read this. If not, those days are just around the corner. So that everyone can be on the same page, and so that learning can continue throughout your lives, we present a comprehensive list of links to free e-books, web pages and tutorials of all manner of programming subjects. We hope they help you get a leg up on the rest of the class before Labor Day.

Harvard’s CS50 class.

Forty-seven free C++ YouTube tutorials.

A free e-book on building an Instagram clone with Ruby on Rails.

A list of 234 free online programming MOOCs from Coursera.

Automate the boring stuff with Python.

Hacking secret ciphers with Python.

“Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!”

Learn you some Erlang for great good.

Martin Fowler’s “Microservices Resource Guide.”

Learning Rust.