Two seconds isn’t a lot of time, but in basketball and business, it can mean the difference between victory and loss. TIBCO Software announced sweeping revisions to its BusinessEvents complex event-processing (CEP) platform aimed at giving its customers that two-second advantage.

“We need to stop using 20th-century technology for 21st-century problems,” said Vivek Ranadivé, CEO and founder of TIBCO. “Success is no longer determined by how much information people can collect. If you have just a little bit of the right information beforehand—it could be two seconds, two minutes or even two hours beforehand—it is more valuable than all the information in the world six months after the fact. We’re giving our customers that critical two-second advantage.”

Version 4.0 of BusinessEvents, said Rourke McNamara, senior director of global product marketing for TIBCO, makes sense of the massive quantities of events that can pass through enterprise systems. “You need an infrastructure that can handle events at an Internet scale. That’s billions of events per day flowing through your infrastructure. BusinessEvents 4.0 lets customers deploy tens of thousands of event-matching rules,” he said.

Version 4.0 lays the foundation for a number of new products and updated offerings from TIBCO, said McNamara. By the end of 2010, he said that TIBCO will be introducing a new messaging system, dubbed FTL. He said that TIBCO “worked with Intel to take advantage of some of the breakthroughs that have been made in multicore and networking technology.”

The ActiveMatrix development tools and environment also received an update. ActiveMatrix 3.0 contains an update of TIBCO Business Studio (the company’s Eclipse-based development environment), and the addition of ActiveMatrix BPM, a new business-process management tool aimed at helping developers and businesspeople define the needs of their business environment.

Finally, TIBCO announced tibbr, its social-networking inspired package of people-focused workflows. tibbr is designed to be a platform where relevant information finds the user, with the help of the ActiveMatrix BPM tools. The new tibbr platform is still in development and no future release date was given for the software.