Today, Vertica announced the release of its new unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Vertica Accelerator. With this, users get high-performance and scalable analytics as well as end-to-end, in-database machine learning to organizations that require the right level of resourcing, management, and control for each analytical use case. 

Vertica Accelerator operates on AWS public cloud infrastructure in the user’s own AWS account. This allows for users to preserve all negotiated pricing and committed append while also automating the setup and management of the Vertica environment. 

Some highlights of Vertica Accelerator include: analytics that scales, faster analysis, easy administration, availability zone failover and automatic node recovery, Autoscaling and Auto Scheduling, data democratization, no extra charges, freedom to negotiate, and onboarding service with Vertica experts. 

TIBCO updates its Connect platform 

TIBCO announced updates made to its Connect portfolio, providing users with a unified, self-service, digital platform to adapt to how the business operates. Featured enhancements to the platform include: TIBCO Cloud integration, TIBCO Cloud API management, and TIBCO Cloud messaging.

With TIBCO Cloud integration, users can now streamline and automate key processes and workflows, improving the efficiency of core business activities. TIBCO Cloud API management evolves the value provided by a business expressed as APIs, providing full life-cycle API management as a part of the TIBCO Cloud. Lastly, TIBCO Cloud messaging enables open source solutions to be fully managed in the cloud, and offers native support for JMS with a managed TIBCO Enterprise Message Service support. 

OctoML and AMD announce collaboration 

Today, OctoML and AMD announced that they will be collaborating in order to speed up ML deployments and now users can deploy next-generation ML applications on AMD CPUs, GPUs, and APUs to run almost anywhere, including servers, laptops, and gaming PCs.

This collaboration offers users a uniform interface for a vast range of heterogeneous deployment hardware and an automated process to optimize models to run with optimal efficiency and power. 

“Deploying ML models efficiently can be difficult across multiple platforms, so users will benefit significantly from a common unified software stack to deploy their models at scale. We’re working with OctoML to help our customers create innovative ML models with the confidence that these solutions can seamlessly be deployed across supported AMD hardware.” 

For more information on this collaboration, visit here