Checkmarx has expanded support for Scala into its static code-analysis tool. Checkmarx now supports 20 programming languages in its security-scanning product. Scala joins a host of other popular languages, such as C#, Java, PHP, Python, and even Perl.

Checkmarx Static Code Analysis, as of today, can be run against a Scala codebase to find common developer-driven vulnerabilities. These include sniffing out locations inside source code where code injection, SQL injection or cross-site scripting attacks could take hold.

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Nir Livni, vice president of products at Checkmarx, said, “We are seeing a growing market need for Scala, especially from our enterprise customers. Scala is increasingly becoming the preferred language of choice for many development organizations. In order to deliver secure Scala applications, developers are looking for a solution that guides them where and how to fix vulnerabilities in their Scala source code.”

Support for Scala within Checkmarx Static Code Analysis is in beta. There is no word yet on when the company plans to mark this support as final.