Continuous delivery-as-a-service provider Harness joined the Linux Foundation’s Continuous Delivery Foundation today, a position the company says it will use to foster collaboration and tech evangelism. The CDF was founded in March with the goal of providing a vendor-neutral space for open-source CI/CD projects and to promote collaboration between developers, end users, and vendors.

Harness explained in today’s announcement: “With the increased use of microservices and cloud native architectures, continuous delivery tools and practices are in greater demand, providing improved velocity and productivity for software development teams.”

Harness, in particular, provides a DevOps-focused continuous delivery platform with automation and machine learning implementations.

“The complexity of disparate and disjointed DevOps tooling has been a major challenge in the adoption of CD in the enterprise,” Jyoti Bansal, co-founder and CEO of Harness, said in the announcement. “Harness was founded with the mission to simplify and make CD available to every software engineering organization. We are firm believers that open APIs, standards, and integrations between all developer and DevOps tooling is a must-have to reduce the complexity of these toolchains. We are excited to participate in the new Continuous Delivery Foundation and help define some of these open APIs and standards for the betterment of not only our fast-growing customer base but for the entire DevOps community.”