Google Cloud Platform has caught up to AWS benchmarks this year, after AWS outperformed it on benchmarks by 40% in last year’s report, according to CockroachDB Labs’ 2020 Cloud Report

The results came from more than 1,000 benchmark tests conducted by Cockroach Labs on things such as CPU, network throughput, network latency, storage read performance, storage write performance and TPC-C. 

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The report also added Microsoft Azure to its tests and expanded the machine types tested from AWS and GCP this year. 

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our experiments, it’s this: benchmarking the clouds is a continuous process. Since results fluctuate as the clouds adopt new hardware, it’s important to regularly re-evaluate your configuration (and cloud vendor),” CockroachDB wrote in a post.

In addition, the report found that while GCP superseded AWS and Azure on price per performance of TPC-C, GCP slightly underperformed on max throughput-per-minute type C, or the number of orders processed per minute, available on a three node cluster. 

The report found that each of the cloud platforms had their strong areas in which they excelled above the others. AWS is the best performer on throughput alone, while Azure machines achieved significantly better results on the CPU benchmark compared to the other two. 

Meanwhile, GCP’s network looks better than AWS or Azure’s networks. Not only do their top performing machines beat each network’s top performing machines, but, so to do their bottom performing machines, according to the report. 

The full report is available here.