Microsoft has released version 1.0 of its Node.js Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS).

The open-source extension for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 turns Microsoft’s development environment into a Node.js IDE. NTVS has been in development for more than a year. Sara Itani, Node.js Tools for Visual Studio software engineer, detailed the NTVS 1.0 features in a blog post, drawing particular attention to IntelliSense editing and code completions.

“Code completions? For a dynamically typed language? Yep, you heard us right,” wrote Itani. “NTVS will statically analyze your project to provide you with syntactically correct code completions for your Node.js code and packages.”

NTVS supports syntax highlighting and code folding, including brace-completion, automatic formatting and F12 Go To Definition. Other features in NTVS 1.0 include:

  • Interactive Window (REPL)
  • npm integration
  • Advanced debugging and profiling
  • Test explorer integration for unit testing
  • Full integration with other Visual Studio features, including TypeScript, Git/TFS and Azure
  • js, io.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and JSON support

More information about Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio can be found here.