CollabNet, the leader for Enterprise Cloud Development, today announced the availability of CollabNet GitEye, a free downloadable desktop client for Git, the popular distributed version control and source code management (SCM) system. GitEye improves Git performance through an intuitive graphical interface that simplifies all Git commands. It also leapfrogs current Git desktop client tools by adding easy access to essential Agile developer tasks, such as planning, code reviews and continuous integration. GitEye is pre-integrated with CloudForge, TeamForge and GitHub, and works on most platforms.

“GitEye represents the latest CollabNet contribution for improving the value and user experience of Git SCM,” said Mark Phippard, senior director of engineering at CollabNet. “Now developers can get up to speed quickly with Git and stay in project context when working with tools like CloudForge and GitHub.”

GitEye provides easy access to all vital Git functions and repositories, and can be used with cloud or on-premise Git repositories. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, with no need to install additional software. The state of the workspace is always available to developers so they can quickly see which changes need to be staged or which files have conflicts. Drag-and-drop configurations for file management make code changes readily apparent and file staging quick and easy. Users can harness Git’s speed and local repositories by quickly browsing code history and visualizing branches and merges. For Agile development task management, GitEye provides visibility into defect trackers (TeamForge trackers and GitHub issues), Agile planning boards, Gerrit code reviews and Jenkins build servers.

CollabNet is the industry leader for global SCM support and success, delivering services to millions of developers using Subversion, Git and CVS. With the growing popularity of Git, CollabNet continues to innovate, offering the industry’s first enterprise-grade Git offering within its TeamForge and public cloud CloudForge platforms, and the only integrated offering of Subversion and Git. Through services and products, CollabNet continues to make Git a viable choice for enterprise IT organizations where the highest standards in support, security, availability and back-up are a “must” requirement.