CollabNet, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services, recently conducted a survey of more than 1,300 software developers and administrators on how the Apache Subversion (SVN) source code management (SCM) tool is being utilized within ALM environments. Key findings show growing demand for cloud-based support services, including remote back-up, and an increase in hybrid SCM strategies that include parallel usage of Subversion and Git. It also revealed an increase in SVN repository sizes, demonstrating how development teams continue to use the tool for more than just code management, but also to support testing and release management.

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“Each year we reach out to the Subversion community to gain insights into usage trends and to uncover new directions developers would like to see the project take to address emerging challenges,” said Lothar Schubert, senior director, product marketing for CollabNet. “What we see is the continued advancement of Subversion and the role of SCM within the ALM ecosystem, and how it supports the adoption of emerging practices around DevOps and Enterprise Cloud Development.”

Key findings from the global online survey include:
• 55 percent of users would welcome online cloud backup for on-premises Subversion.
• 28 percent of users indicated that they are using Git in parallel to Subversion.
• 33 percent of users reported the use of multiple Subversion servers within their organizations.
• Subversion repository sizes are increasing, with 38 percent managing more than 1GB of data –suggesting that Subversion is being use for far more than just code, but also builds and file releases.
• There is a general preference for open source software, however more than one-half of all participants say that corporate backing by a vendor is important, for commercial and open source software alike.
• For professional support, level of expertise is most important (83 percent), followed by price (34 percent) and Service Level Agreements (28 percent).

Created by CollabNet in 2000, Apache Subversion is an open source version control system that is being used by more than 5 million developers around the globe. The project and software have seen incredible success since being launched, with continued widespread adoption in both the open source community and the enterprise world. Also provided by CollabNet, Subversion Edge offers a complete certified stack of Apache, Subversion and ViewVC, along with a browser-based interface for ease-of-use and management. It keeps all components current with auto-updates delivered straight to the web browser and ensures cohesive functionality of the integrated tool suite.

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