Productivity power tools
In recent years, after a version of Visual Studio comes out, Microsoft engineers released extensions that provided features that did not make it into the final product. Named the Productivity Power Tools and available via the Visual Studio Gallery on MSDN, the most popular features have made it into the next version of Visual Studio.

A number of features appear to be making the transition from being extensions for the 2012 version to being built into 2013, including the Enhanced Scrollbar, Navigate To, Move Line Up/Down, and Automatic Brace Completion. The Enhanced Scrollbar provides visual hints at important items in a code file, such as breakpoints and errors. Navigate To (sometimes called the Ctrl + Click Go To Definition) allows you to jump to definitions by holding down the Control button and then clicking on the links that are offered. Line Move Up/Down and Automatic Brace Completion are fairly self-explanatory, but no less handy.

When you are deep in the code and pursuing a train of thought, the last thing you need is anything slowing you down and derailing your logic. This is when small efficiencies in the code window really pay off and why the productivity tools discussed are so popular.