Netflix announced a new open-source project called Hollow, which is a Java library with a comprehensive toolset for “harnessing small to moderately sized in-memory datasets, which are disseminated from a single producer to many consumers for read-only access,” according to a blog post by Drew Koszewnik, software developer for Netflix.

Hollow focuses on performance, agility and stability. It also keeps a read-only dataset of consumers in memory. According to Koszewnik, “Due to its performance characteristics, Hollow shifts the scale in terms of appropriate dataset sizes for an in-memory solution. Datasets for which such liberation may never previously have been considered can be candidates for Hollow. For example, Hollow may be entirely appropriate for datasets which, if represented with JSON or XML, might require in excess of 100GB.”

More details about Hollow are available here.

NVIDIA releases deep learning kits for educators
NVIDIA has released a Deep Learning Teaching Kit to help educators who want to give their students hands-on experiences with GPU-accelerated computing.

The kit was co-developed with deep learning expert Yann LeCun (who teaches at New York University), and it was developed with academic partners to combine industry trends and applications, fundamental theory, and tested teaching techniques. The development of the kit was led by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which helps developers globally and teaches them how to design, train and deploy neural network powered AI.

The deep learning kit is delivered through NVIDIA’s GPU Educators Program, and the kit can be found on the developer portal here.

Mobile Labs and LogiGear team up
Mobile Labs announced a new partnership with LogiGear, which will provide support and referral services for Mobile Labs and LogiGear products. Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect mobile device cloud supports LogiGear TestArchitect mobile platform for both Android and iOS devices using Mac or Windows workstations, according to a company announcement.

“As more enterprises embrace the digital transformation, they recognize the need to provide a high-quality experience across every platform customers use,” said Dan McFall, president of Mobile Labs.

IBM launches new Bluemix services with GitHub and Slack
IBM Bluemix services now include developer access to popular DevOps tools like GitHub and Slack.

The new service provides tools chain templates that will allow developers to scale tool chains and reduce cost or time to market for their DevOps solutions. Templates include tool chains to build microservices and containers, and they include integrations to GitHub, PagerDuty, Sauce Labs and Slack.

“One of the biggest challenges developers face in today’s cloud-led world is efficiently building and deploying applications to stay competitive,” said Dave Lindquist, IBM Fellow and vice president of development for IBM Cloud DevOps and Analytics. “With the introduction of Bluemix Continuous Delivery, developers can not only create, integrate and share DevOps tool chains using their favorite tools, but also add optional pay-as-you-go powerful services like cognitive computing with Watson or data and analytics services from The Weather Company.”

More information can be found here.