While Continuous Delivery practices for applications have gone mainstream, Continuous Delivery for the database is still lagging behind. A recent survey by DBmaestro revealed that organizations are hesitant to adopt Continuous Delivery for the database because of a mistrust in automation, lack of awareness, inability to change organizational culture, budget restraints, and opposition from management and development teams.

“The results of the survey are very revealing,” said Yariv Tabac, CEO of DBmaestro. “On the one hand we see how Continuous Delivery has become almost the norm in the past few years with a majority implementing it for their code. On the other hand, we see that despite the vast majority of industry professionals believing the database can be included in their Continuous Delivery process, many do not.”

According to DBmaestro, Continuous Delivery in the database is imperative to increase productivity, speed up time to market, reduce risk and cost, and increase quality.