Couchbase released version 2.5 of Couchbase Mobile, a NoSQL data platform for mobile applications. The release simplifies mobile application development through secure embedded local storage and advanced sync capabilities.

Couchbase Mobile uses the power of Couchbase Server to bring distributed NoSQL database capabilities to the edge. It also manages and syncs data from any cloud to edge devices, as well as directly between edge devices.

New features to Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway include delta sync, which syncs only parts of documents that have changed to reduce bandwidth consumption, and real-time predictions at the edge using Predictive Query.

The full list of new features and enhancements can be viewed here.

OpenText adds cloud and hybrid offerings to SAP Solutions
OpenText, providers of Enterprise Information Management (EIM), added several offerings to SAP solutions.

The solutions include OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors, OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management for Engineering, OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 and more. The details for each solution can be viewed here.

Red Hat launches Fedora 30
Red Hat launched version 30 of Fedora, a fully open source operating system.

“From containerized developer workspaces with Flatpak and Silverblue to expanded server and container infrastructure options in Fedora 30 Cloud and Fedora CoreOS, the Fedora Project remains focused on Linux innovation,” said Matthew Miller, the Fedora project leader.

The latest version introduces bug fixes, performance tweaks and base updates. Also, Fedora 30 now uses the zchunk format for data compression within the DNF repository.

In addition, Fedora Workstation gets a container-driven variant in Silverblue and Fedora Server has been merged with the capabilities of Fedora Cloud.

Fedora CoreOS will replace Atomic Host as a container-centric operating system around June.