Only a month after the release of Dart 1.4, Google’s Dart team has announced the release of Dart 1.5, with improvements to enable better Android Web development.

Dart project manager Kevin Moore revealed the newest version of the development programming language in a blog post, announcing that Dart 1.5 comes equipped with a development version of Dartium for Android devices. Dartium is a Dart VM build of the Chromium open-source browser with a Dart runtime.

Dart 1.5 also updates the Dart Editor with mobile debugging for Dart Web apps.

“You can set breakpoints and debug exceptions with Dart Web apps running on a device with the same development flow that exists on your development machine.” Moore wrote.

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The latest Dart release also takes a cue from Google I/O, integrating the new material design features announced during the keynote via two new sets of elements in the Dart Polymer package. Core_elements gives developers access to the infrastructure components of Polymer’s open-source Web component framework, and paper_elements enables material design.

Dart wasn’t the only Google product absent from the I/O keynote. See what other platforms and offerings were conspicuously (or inconspicuously) absent from the big developer stage here.