Altova announced version 2018 release 2 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software products today. MissionKit is the company’s software development suite of XML, SQL and UML tools.

The latest release has a major focus on JSON processing with new capabilities that enable users to query and transform JSON data using XPath, XQuery and XSLT standards as well as the ability to edit and convert and process JSON in the company’s editors, builders and debuggers.  

“Despite the growing popularity of JSON, there is still no widely-used transformation language to, for instance, transform JSON data to HTML. Similarly, no particular language for querying JSON has gained significant traction,” said Alexander Falk, CEO and president of Altova. “However, functionality added to XPath/XQuery 3.1 offers developers an elegant, standardized way to query and transform their JSON data, and we’ve added full support for JSON in our powerful XSLT and XPath/XQuery tools to finally make it practical.”

In addition, the release adds new Node functions in the MapForce data mapping tool for defining functions or defaults and applying them to multiple modes without having to repeat the same function multiple times. This is designed to reduce the time it takes to maintain mappings

Other features of the release include C++ code engineering support in UModel, and the DiffDog Server. DiffDog Server is a new product that combines file and directory comparison options of the DiffDog desktop tool, and makes it available as a server software product for Linux, MacOS X and Windows.