Brian Brinkmann, vice president of product marketing at Logi Analytics:
At Logi Analytics, we know delivering compelling applications with analytics at their core has never been more crucial—or more complex.

Logi’s analytics development platform is built for product managers and developers who need to quickly build and embed dashboards, reports, and data visualizations into their applications. Logi is faster than coding yourself, gives you total control over the brand and user experience, and is powerful enough to support complex scaling and security requirements.

Logi has the only developer grade platform for embedded analytics, specifically designed to make mission-critical applications smarter. Only Logi gives developers complete control over the look, feel, and functionality of the analytics experience, so you can deliver a solution that empowers and engages end users while keeping the application uniquely your own. Logi also works with your current tech stack, leveraging your investments in data, security, and server infrastructure to support sustainable, streamlined product delivery life cycles.

Modern embedded analytics keeps users in your application and sets your product apart from the competition.   For over 17 years, we’ve helped over 1,900 application teams embed sophisticated analytics in their software products.  Logi is rated the #1 embedded analytics platform by Dresner Advisory Services.