IBM today announced new software designed to assist enterprises in breaking down data and analytics silos, allowing them to make data-driven decisions quickly and navigate disruptions.

IBM Business Analytics Enterprise is a suite of business intelligence planning, budgeting, reporting, forecasting, and dashboard capabilities intended to provide users with a full view of data sources across their entire business.

This suite also offers users a new IBM Analytics Content Hub to help improve how users discover and access analytics as well as planning tools from multiple vendors in one dashboard view.

The new Content Hub is designed to allow users to view planning and analytics dashboards from several vendors. This includes tools such as IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson, IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, and more.

In addition, it includes algorithms that can recommend role-based content in order to help users surface new stories, reports, and dashboards from across the organization to help with decision-making. 

With this announcement, IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson also now offers new integration capabilities as well as enhanced forecasting to enable users to take multiple factors and seasons into account in their trend predictions.

Lastly, IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is also expected to be available as-a-Service on AWS later this year.

“Businesses today are trying to become more data-driven than ever as they navigate the unexpected in the face of supply chain disruptions, labor and skills shortages and regulatory changes,” said Dinesh Nirmal, general manager of data, AI and automation at IBM. “But to truly be data-driven, organizations need to be able to provide their different teams with more comprehensive access to analytics tools and a more complete picture of their business data, without jeopardizing their compliance, security or privacy programs. IBM Business Analytics Enterprise offers a way to bring together analytics tools in a single view, regardless of which vendor it comes from or where the data resides.”

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