JetBrains has announced the latest release of its collaborative data science platform Datalore. 

With Datalore 2022.3, JetBrains is offering discounted pricing. The platform will now be free for teams of up to four, as well as for the first four users of a larger team. Teams of 10 people will now be charged $75/user/month instead of $125/user/month. 

Datalore is also now part of JetBrains special offer program, which means it will offer discounts for startups, non-profits, and classrooms. 

The Reporting workflows were updated in this release to enable users to use Metric cells to highlight specific numbers, use Date cells to work with date inputs, filter and sort DataFrames in the UI, and share their work with user groups. 

Datalore 2022.3 also adds an integration with Google BigQuery, enabling users to create a BigQuery connection through the Datalore interface, choose what schemas they want, browse schema trees, and query data inside a native SQL cell. 

This release also updates the look of dataframes, enables users to connect multiple machines to Docker-based installations, and allows users to attach AWS S3 and GCS buckets from a SQL interface and browse the file system.