Real-time application performance monitoring company NodeSource announced the release of N|Solid 3.1 today, bringing a new debugging tool to their Node.js application development, management, security and analysis platform, alongside other new features.

NodeSource says the new tool, which utilizes cross-process snapshot diffing, can help teams spot memory leaks more quickly. While the technique has been used in Chrome Dev Tools and some Node.js packages, the company says N|Solid is the first enterprise-grade product to utilize the technique.

“Being the leader in the Node.js community gives us unique insights into challenges that users face, especially those with large-scale deployments,” said NodeSource Founder and CEO Joe McCann in the announcement. “Memory leaks are a major challenge because they can cause runaway infrastructure costs and lead to application outages. Other critical challenges are debugging and data visualization, which affect security and performance. N|Solid 3.1 overcomes all of them.”

N|Solid 3.1 addresses visualization with scatterplot manipulation, featuring the ability to scale axes logarithmically and exponentially, which the NodeSource team says can help users differentiate data processes that are similarly clustered or have similar performance metrics.

Finally, NodeSource aims to expand compatibility with a greater selection of customer networks and configurations in N|Sold 3.1 with support for customer-managed InfluxDB clusters, making N|Solid metrics more directly accessible from InfluxDB.

“Many of these N|Solid enhancements support ever-larger and mission-critical deployments of Node.js at enterprise organizations,” McCann said. “Version 3.1 empowers teams to deliver value faster thanks to features that streamline Node.js development and help decrease time to issue resolution.”