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Airbyte is a data integration platform that runs in the cloud and replicates data. It enables users to get their data pipelines running in minutes with either pre-built or custom connectors from the Airbyte UI, API or CLI. 

Developers simply need to authenticate their sources and get connectors that adapt to schema or API changes. 

The connectors are run in Docker containers and can also be created in any language of choice, which frees up worrying about scheduling, orchestration, and monitoring. Developers can also adapt pre-built ones to their needs. applications, APIs & databases to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations.

Meanwhile, engineers can use raw data and analysts for normalized schemas due to several options being available that can be leveraged using dbt. 

All errors are logged in full detail and developers can set up a webhook to get notifications whenever a sync fails. 

Whenever Airbyte is self-hosted the data doesn’t go to a 3rd-party service which eases the burden on security teams. 

Additional details on the project are available here.