Google wants to help developers bring virtual reality to their Web and mobile apps. The company has announced VR View, a solution designed to turn images or videos into interactive experiences users can view on their phone, Cardboard viewer or desktop computer.

“For developers, having immersive elements in their apps and websites can be the difference between meh and magical. That’s why we’re introducing VR view—a quick and easy way to embed immersive content on Android, iOS and the Web,” wrote Nathan Martz, product manager at Google, in a blog post.

Developers building native applications can embed VR View through the latest Cardboard SDK for Android or iOS and a few lines of code. For Web solutions, developers can add an iFrame to their site to embed a VR view.

HTML and JavaScript code are available on GitHub for Web developers who want to self-host and modify VR view.

“From travel and real estate to news and entertainment, we hope embeddable VR views make it quick and easy to share your story and build immersive and engaging visual experiences your users will love. We’re excited to see what you create,” Martz wrote.

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