JFrog announced it will now be offering a free community edition of Artifactory for C and C++ communities. JFrog Artifactory is the company’s universal software repository that enables organizations to “continuously update” software. It features build tool integrations, replication, disaster recovery, orchestration tools, a variety of storage solutions, permission management, OAuth and download blocking.

The free community edition is being made possible by the Conan package manager, according to the company, Conan is an open source packaging manager for C and C++. It allows developers to create applications and automate C++ dependencies across platforms. JFrog took over sponsorship of the Conan project in 2016, and began offering it as part of its professional editions of Artifactory. 

“Artifactory Community Edition for C and C++ is a huge step forward for Conan users. From now on, they can easily host private Conan repositories in-house, enjoying the user interface, the advanced permissions and authentication, and increased scalability. And all for free,” said Diego Rodriguez-Losada, co-founder of Conan. “This is the ultimate resource to democratize DevOps for C and C++ developers around the world, accelerating software delivery in a scalable manner taking another step closer to liquid software.”

According to the company, most enterprises have C and C++ legacy solutions, making it hard to move to a DevOps culture. However, with millions of applications written using C or C++, it is necessary to find a solution that automates the code and applies continuous integration to the DevOps flow.

“JFrog Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++ represents a forward leap in the capabilities of C/C++ teams for software automation and DevOps,” the company wrote in a blog post.


By offering this free version of Artifactory, JFrog says it empowering millions of developers to continuously and automatically release binaries.