The DiSTI Corporation, a leader in the development of highly interactive 3D graphical user interfaces, announces the release of GL Studio DX (DirectX). This new bundle supports the integration of DirectX graphics with GL Studio interface content. GL Studio DX provides enhanced development features and increased capabilities that are in demand by today’s software user interface developers.

As DiSTI’s latest advancement in user interface development technology, GL Studio DX allows developers to expand their platform reach and interface functionality. GL Studio users can now integrate their graphical content with DirectX based scene generators, thus opening up deployment options beyond the standard OpenGL landscape. In addition to support for DirectX, GL Studio DX provides enhancements for greater object animation control, multi-touch interactivity, advanced text capabilities, higher fidelity for rendering 3D models, and support for new graphics card features.

“We constantly strive to develop the technologies that keep pace with the demands of our users; GL Studio DX is the next step in that journey. This new addition to our award-winning products will aid developers in creating the user interface experience that Hollywood always portrays to movie-goers,” said Darren Humphrey, Chief Technology Officer of DiSTI.

The Lumen runtime engine is the driving force for the ground-breaking features of GL Studio DX. Developed from the ground up to support modern rendering platforms and multi-processor computer hardware, Lumen represents a multi-million dollar investment to ensure GL Studio continues to meet the requirements for interface development well into the next decade. Lumen’s capabilities and features allow users to create content independent of operating system, hardware platform, or rendering technology.

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