MEGA International, a leader in business transformation solutions, and dtSearch, a leader in enterprise and developer text retrieval products for instantly searching terabytes of text across a broad variety of online and offline data types, announce the integration of the dtSearch Engine into MEGA’s HOPEX platform.

“Companies rely on MEGA’s comprehensive and powerful rule-based repository to collect, analyze and access enterprise-wide information from business units, the IT organization, audit and compliance groups and many more corporate functions. However, as businesses become more complex, and especially as governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements and operations change, organizations must store and access additional documents, such as regulations, control reports, procedures, libraries and more in the MEGA repository,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “Coupled with the data in MEGA’s HOPEX solutions, this added information provides a very information-rich resource to help businesses manage change.”

As the volume of these ‘attached’ documents grew, MEGA asked dtSearch to provide its powerful search engine to help customers instantly explore this large quantity of unstructured textual information. The dtSearch Engine will provide users with a ranked list of hits based on their search terms, helping them find information faster. This is an especially important capability as businesses engage in transformation programs to improve performance and profitability, and connect with customers in new ways.

“Enterprise architecture has always been critical for squaring short-run process optimization with long-run business strategy,” said David Thede, president, dtSearch Corp. “An accelerating pace of IT development, evolving standards for enterprise self-governance, and a moving backdrop of multinational government regulations make this an area that is exponentially more complex now than in the past. HOPEX’s synthesis of these elements into one overarching platform provides enterprises a vital operational framework for navigating this terrain.”

MEGA’s HOPEX Platform. MEGA brings together industry-leading practices in business transformation solutions. Powered by the company’s HOPEX platform, MEGA’s software solutions help companies manage enterprise complexity and create a united, interactive view of the whole business, its assets, processes and risks. The resulting comprehensive information can be shared by employees, work groups and managers across division lines or geographies to increase collaboration and produce tangible results.

HOPEX-based solutions help companies optimize and transform operations, consistent with an organization’s strategy and objectives. Using these solutions, enterprises can successfully navigate change and improve decision-making. In fact, organizations use HOPEX as a business GPS to help navigate the new digital environment. This MEGA GPS shows where the company is today, where it wants to go and how to get there. It identifies potential risks and obstacles and helps companies navigate detours with confidence to reach their goals.

The dtSearch Engine. The dtSearch Engine makes available to developers dtSearch’s proprietary document filters and instant searching across terabytes of data. Supported data types include databases; static and dynamic web data; and “Office,” PDF, HTML, XML, ZIP, emails (with nested attachments) and other popular file types. The product offers 25+ fielded and full-text search options, with hit-highlighting in all above data formats. The dtSearch Engine includes APIs (including 64-bit) for .NET, Java, C++, SQL, etc., with SDKs for Windows and Linux, and a new Android version in beta.