Devart has recently released the first version of dbForge Data Studio for
SQL Server, a comprehensive solution for data analysts and application
developers to efficiently explore, analyze, and report on huge amounts of
data in SQL Server databases. Being a newcomer in dbForge for SQL Server
product line, dbForge Data Studio is based on tried-and-true tools, approved
by many users, and guarantees new users superior data processing experiences
and flawless results within a stable world class solution.

Today data analysts and developers can leverage tens of elaborated tools
packed in one powerful environment. dbForge Data Studio’s functionality
embraces three main areas of data processing – exploration, analysis, and
reporting – to assist in every task with any amount of data.

Effective Data Exploring
The tool offers a quick data view for any database object via a
double-click. Objects properties, DLL (text), and data are displayed on
separate tabs. The users will find dedicated tools for convenient management
of huge amounts of data and working with BLOB data.

New Master-Detail Browser provides handy analysis of related data and
visualizes relationships between related tables. Thanks to the Find object
window, users can quickly find any schema object by any fragment in the
CREATE statement as well as find data in one or several tables. The search
results are displayed in a separate window with a convenient navigation to
the objects in the schema.

Data analyst and developers can benefit from a customizable data import from
eight popular data formats: Text, MS Excel, MS Excel 2007, MS Access, XML,

Advanced Facilities for Data Analysis
Devart packed dbForge Data Studio with foremost functionality to deliver
enhanced tools for data analysis. Data analysis tools provide ultimate
visualization and freedom of summarizing data in convenient forms to get
valuable information and make reasonable decisions.

With Query Builder, experts as well as newbies can visually build any
complex queries in SQL Server databases. Users can add tables, create joins,
and edit conditions with several clicks of the mouse. Data comparison tool
guarantees accurate and effortless data comparison and synchronization that
is three times faster than any competitive applications do. Users can
benefit from multiple options to tune comparison and output. A well-designed
graphical interface speeds up analysis and management of data differences.

Pivot table functionality enables users to get multi-dimensional data,
visualize data trends and dependencies, and make quick but reasonable
business decisions. Besides automatic calculation of summary values users
can select various summary functions to calculate custom totals for required
column or row fields. Pivot tables offer advanced filtering conditions to
quickly view only necessary amounts of data. Better data presentation can be
achieved with a wide choice of styles to highlight required data in a pivot

Quick Way to Professional Data Reports
Data Report wizard opens new opportunities for data reporting while removing
known obstacles. The wizard provides an easy way to design various report
types: blank, with labels, or with master-detail data. Summary values in
reports are automatically calculated. Users can apply extended formatting
and layout options to customize reports to their specific needs. Ready
reports can be neatly exported into PDF, HTML, MS Excel, Text, image and
other files.

Pricing and Availability
dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server costs $199.95

DbForge Data Studio for SQL Server is available for immediate download at

Users are welcome to write any comments and suggestions about dbForge Data
Studio for SQL Server on its support page.