Excel Software today shipped QuickLicense 5.0 to help software vendors increase sales.  QuickLicense protects thousands of software applications for Mac and Windows by applying a variety of configurable license types and activation processes.  The new release adds subscription licenses starting from the activation date, a subscription grace period, delayed activation, quick validate for plugins and multi-threaded software, dual licenses, remote data retrieval, a pre-activation message and powerful programming commands.

QuickLicense protects any kind of software written in any programming language including desktop applications, plugins, spreadsheets, services or multi-media content.  Software is protected with a simple programming command added to the source code or by wrapping a compiled executable with the AddLicense tool that requires no programming.

Protected applications support automated activation through an activation server running on the vendor’s web site or through the Safe Activation service.  An application can easily retrieve vendor-formatted data while running on the client computer to check for new versions, the latest release date or current upgrade pricing.

Monthly and annual subscriptions can begin on fixed calendar periods or based on the activation date. Subscriptions can be managed automatically through Safe Activation.  Vendors can configure a grace period for manually entered Subscription Codes, time zone differences or temporary Internet disruptions.

Delayed activation allows a customer to purchase and start using a protected application for a specified time period before permanent activation is required.  A license agreement or instructions to the user can be presented before the activation process begins.

Manage a dual license activation for Try/Buy or Student/Teacher editions without additional programming.  A product license can reference a trial license during the license configuration process to eliminate the programming effort.

Software running in a complex environment including plugins, a multi-threaded system, DLLs and code libraries can call a simple, yet secure validation command.  This command minimizes file and location dependencies and works on software with no user interface.  The installer, a simple setup program or the main application can activate and manage the license in the normal manner to control all components in the complex environment.

QuickLicense 5 is $595 for the Standard edition or $995 for the Pro edition on either Mac or Windows.  The package includes an integrated help system, programming code examples, AddLicense wrapping tool, SendMessage testing tool, tutorial, step-by-step license setup instructions and a PDF or printed user guide.  A QuickLicense purchase includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for any number of products or licenses on that computer platform.