FP Complete, the leading developer of commercial Haskell software tools and services, announced today the launch of FP Haskell Center, the world’s first commercial Haskell IDE and deployment platform.  Haskell is the new way to make software that will change the economics of software development.  FP Haskell Center enables developers, researchers and students to experience the power of Haskell as a convenient web service.

The Problem is the Current Software Development Process 
Software development today is plagued by excessive errors and up to 50% of a project’s effort is spent on the bug fixing, rewriting and maintenance cycle.  This causes product delays, bad product quality, low programmer productivity, and billions wasted.  The root cause is the inefficient and error-prone nature of the imperative programming languages (Java, C family, Python, Ruby etc.) dominant today.  Haskell is a pure functional programming language that cuts the amount of code needed by 50-80%, drastically reducing the amount of errors immediately.  Coupled with Haskell’s strong type checking capability that catches a significant amount of errors at compile time, as opposed to run time in traditional languages, Haskell programmers produce clean, concise and correct code from the outset.  Haskell code does not create any side effects, therefore it is reusable and maintainable, and eliminates any spaghetti code.  With Haskell, programmers focus on the design goals and strategy instead of the minutiae of low-level coding and the inordinate effort spent on finding, testing for and fixing bugs. In short, Haskell accelerates time to market by 30-50%, boosts programmer productivity, lowers cost, and increases product quality. 

What FP Haskell Center Offers
Currently, Haskell is deployed via a set of open-source and home-grown toolsets.  As the first integrated commercial Haskell development and deployment platform, FP Haskell Center delivers 5 main benefits:
1. Convenience.  Instead of the current complex and time-consuming process of a local install, users just log in and code.  
2. Reliability.  All libraries, tools and code templates are vetted, tested and supported so everything works together.  Version conflicts and dependencies are taken care of.
3. Support.  Each license includes free community support.  Paid support plans can be purchased.
4. Innovative tools.  Key features include: in-line type checking and error corrections, module-based coding and project management, git/Github integration, single develop/build/deploy platform.
5. Continuous Enhancements.  Subscriptions include all new features, updates, bug fixes and maintenance.

The response to the FP Haskell Center has been overwhelmingly positive. Armondo Blancas, a Tools Engineer with Carrier IQ commented, “It is refreshing to see FP Complete come out with an IDE that is simple, elegant, and just works.” Independent developer Kasper Janssens shared “FP Haskell Center has the potential to be for Haskell what IDEs like Intellij or Eclipse are for Java. It works well and is slick out of the box.” Visit FP Complete’s website for more customer reviews.

“Haskell is a proven, 25-year old technology that’s just getting deployed commercially by a growing and diverse group of companies across industries,” said Aaron Contorer, FP Complete founder and CEO. “By making it considerably easier for programmers to discover and enjoy its tremendous benefits, FP Haskell Center is our first step in leading the way to spur much greater adoption of Haskell in the mainstream market.”

FP Haskell Center has two integrated components: FP Haskell IDE and FP Application Server.  A single license for the IDE is $75/month or $750/year (2 months free, $150 saving).  Each license includes a limited, shared application server for prototyping and testing.  Dedicated application servers of various sizes for commercial deployments are available on a monthly basis. There is also a 30 day free trial.