Google has been quietly offering free beta access to a service that seems very similar to GitHub, according to VentureBeat. Google Cloud Source Repositories is the company’s unannounced new service that allows users to host their Git repositories, and to browse, edit, commit and debug them.

In an e-mail to VentureBeat, product manager for Google Cloud Platform Chris Sells wrote, “Google Cloud Source Repositories provides a crucial part of our end-to-end cloud tooling story. By allowing you to manage your source in your cloud projects along with your other cloud resources, you’ve got a one-stop shop for everything you’re doing in Google Cloud Platform. The Cloud Source Repositories service provides a private Git repository that works with your existing tools while providing a high degree of replication and encryption to make sure that your code is as safe and secure as you’d expect from Google’s cloud infrastructure.”

Google recently shut down its open-source code repository due to Bitbucket’s and GitHub’s popularity, but it seems the company is still aiming to be a one-stop shop for building apps.