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Atlassian announces SourceTree for Windows 2.0

Interacting with Git and Mercurial repositories just got easier for Windows developers. After reviewing developer feedback, Atlassian announced SourceTree for Windows 2.0 this week. It comes with a new UI, improved design, faster performance, and Microsoft Git Virtual File System support. One major change developers will see in SourceTree is its new design. Atlassian changed … continue reading

Google’s Android Security Rewards program, Microsoft and the legal marijuana industry, and GitHub’s pinned repository feature—SD Times news digest: June 17, 2016

It has been one year since Google added Android Security to its vulnerability rewards program. Since then, the company has received more than 250 vulnerability reports, paid more than US$550,000 to 82 individuals, and paid 15 researchers $10,000 or more. The company is now updating its Android rewards program to entice even more security researchers … continue reading

Google is setting up a GitHub rival

Google has been quietly offering free beta access to a service that seems very similar to GitHub, according to VentureBeat. Google Cloud Source Repositories is the company’s unannounced new service that allows users to host their Git repositories, and to browse, edit, commit and debug them. In an e-mail to VentureBeat, product manager for Google … continue reading


Docker releases first commercial product

After two years of gathering hype and bringing attention to long-neglected Linux containers, Docker announced today in Amsterdam that it will offer Docker Hub Enterprise, its first commercial product offering, in February of 2015. Docker Hub Enterprise is an on-site version of the company’s popular online repository for Docker images. That repository currently weighs in … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: When, not if, your cloud goes down

Cloud-based development tools are great. Wonderful. Convenient. You may access your cloud-based IDE, your cloud-based code repository, your cloud-based storage, your cloud-based test suite from anywhere, perhaps through a browser, perhaps from a thin client. Log in, choose your project, off you go. Except when it doesn’t work. I don’t know if you were affected … continue reading Protection Status